SLN 14 : Freebie round up

As certain items have previously been blogged as part of a ‘naturist wardrobe’ we felt that it was an element we’d like to retain ‘under new management’.

abi cap & boots_001b


R2 Fashion is currently offering a free cap (in a military style) in both black and white. I thought it looked cool, so I paired it with a pair of thigh highs for a look. It’s maybe a little more fetish/militarist than naturist, but it’s free at R2. Join the group, also free, and grab both colours of cap.

Over at Le Muguet, there’s a free group gift to celebrate 150 members, a dress with butterflies attached, but their other group gift grabbed me more.

abi muguet_001b

It’s a lacy dress thing that, naturist or not, would surely turn heads worn out to dinner.

I’ll try and blog more freebies as Trine and I put our own stamp on the blog.



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