SLN 14 : Heroes of Naturism : Teresa Korhonen

Tess reminded Ella of the work she’s done over the years as part of SL’s naturist community towards the end of her tenure as editor and Ella promised she’d ‘fix that’.

SLN have covered Tess’s work before, with Harry exploring her Naked Dreams build, and Pookes subsequently re-visiting it.

But why not time for another update?

I have to say that Naked Dreams has been one of the absolute joys of my taking over as editor as it was somewhere I’d never explored before. Of course I’ve visited Eden Naturopolis, but I’d never taken that boat ride from the main Eden sim to Tess’s Naked Dreams. I’m happy to be correcting that in this post, as one of my first acts as editor.


naked dreams1_001b

Welcome to Naked Dreams

naked dreams2_001b

naked dreams4_001b

Trine in front of, and in, the church at Naked Dreams

naked dreams5_001b

Panoramic view of Naked Dreams

naked dreams7_001b

naked dreams8_001b

Trine is joined by Dick at a social area on Naked Dreams

Abi also took the ‘scuba tour’ at Naked Dreams, an experience that has also been enjoyed by 60,000!!!!!!!!!!! other avatars since it was opened.

naked dreams abi_001b

naked dreams abi6_001b

naked dreams abi7_001b

naked dreams abi10_001b

She has this to say about it.

‘Quite simply, one of the most remarkable experiences of my Second Life. Tess has produced something that is simply awesome, and I’d encourage every avatar in Second Life to do this scuba dive at least once.’

I can’t argue with that. I did it too, but didn’t even bother with the camera, so wrapped up was I in the experience. When Second Life is this good, it beats any other computer game/virtual world experience that your computer can offer. The entire thing is awesome, and I’ve no problems in making Tess my first ‘Hero of Naturism’.


One thought on “SLN 14 : Heroes of Naturism : Teresa Korhonen

  1. Thank you Trine. I don’t normally look for accolades so I feel humble that you liked Naked Dreams as you much as you did! Please come over one day and I will show you around properly. There are three dives all together with the shipwreck dive being my favourite! Welcome to the new role! Let me congratulate you as we were all concerned this excellent publication might disappear! My best wishes to you always!

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