SLN 14 : Introducing Abi

Having asked for a role within SLN, I’m not sure what to write about myself, hahaha.

I’m Abigail, or Abi, as I prefer, and I’m originally from the north of England, although I now live in the English midlands. Yes, I’m a member of a naturist club and I do take naturist holidays, so I hope I tick all of those SLN boxes.

I guess that we’ll probably get to know each other in the coming weeks and months, so I won’t force the matter of a ‘get to know you’ post right now.



What I will say is that, just like Trine, I’m a regular changer of skins & hairstyles, so there won’t be one fixed Abigail style. Looking through some old photos I took, this one is at Eden Naturopolis a year, maybe more, ago, and it’s a totally different look to how I am now.

I’m actually a little worried that I might go missing from SL Naturist next time the ‘Hair Fair’ is on, hahaha!




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