SLN 14 : Introducing Trine

Hello everyone.

I’m Trine (it’s a pet name from Katrina, and it’s pronounced ‘Treen’).

It feels like a daunting task to take on the position of co-editor of SL Naturist, a highly successful SL lifestyle blog of the past almost four years. I have been a reader for much of its lifetime, and I was disappointed to learn that it was closing. When Howie offered the chance to reprieve it I felt I had to at least apply for a role as I would have been sorry to see it go.

I’m single, another Brit at the controls, of indeterminate age, and yes, I’m a naturist at home and abroad. I belong to a sun club in the north of England, and take naturist holidays all over Europe.

If we do get to speak in Second Life, I’d appreciate if you didn’t press me for any other real life details. I keep my SL & RL separate.

trine nude_001b


trine nude back_001b


Yes, I’m also a redhead in RL although I do like to change hairstyles and colours regularly, so don’t always expect to see me as a redhead for however long I’m editor of SLN. And yes, the small Chinese back tattoo is also a nod in the direction of real life, something I got done when I was 18 and regret now. I’m actually researching right now on how best to have it lasered off.

I’ve been in Second Life for a number of years, and I confess that I’m a bit of a shoe, lingerie and hairstyle collector. I don’t imagine that will change enormously now, so do expect to see squeals of delight whenever shoes, lingerie and hair, in particular, is available!

Enough of me. Let’s press on with this, the latest issue of SLN.








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