SLN 14 : The End…for Ella.

Well…that’s that then.

I hadn’t planned on making it a big thing, just signing off as usual, but Trine & Abi suggested I had to say something.

Sorry the ‘Postcards’ didn’t happen at the beginning of the month. The weather was dire in Spain, the worst I’d ever encountered there, and it knocked out street lights…power…the internet.

This was Adre, just along the coast from where we were, at the beginning of September.

In no particular order, thanks to Pookes, to Barbara, to Howie, and to some of the other bloggers who came and went but contributed when here. Apricot, Anna, Pierre, Areola & Geoff. To photographers Harry, Hugh and Diane, who illustrated the blog posts brilliantly and to Jim, the oft-mentioned, rarely-seen ‘Mr. Keng’. I could never have done it without their input. Little did I know when we were planning this, thinking about this, probably just about four years ago, where it would lead, and the special SL friends and RL friends who made it all happen. I’d also like to thank Brenda at Eden for the in-world office space provided, and to Gray for doing the same at Su Casa.

It’s good to see that the blog will continue, and just not stop here. I’d encourage all of you who read SLN to get behind Trine and Abi and ensure the blog continues to thrive.

And that is that, then. Yes, many of you who have met me in my role as editor and are in my friends lists will see me check in from time to time. I don’t anticipate a return to SLN, but SL is part of my ‘down time’ so it’s likely that it will continue as time permits. I’m not sure how that will play out in the future because…the real reason for me quitting is…I’m three months pregnant 🙂 No, I’ve no idea how that happened either 😉 Unplanned, but we’re thrilled.

ella sunset_001-001b



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