Nude swimming at the ‘Y’

In conversation with another (American) avatar at a sim this week, it was pointed out to me that the ‘Y’, the YMCA, insisted on nude swimming for many years, and the males in school swim teams also swam nude, often in the company of swimsuited female swim team members. Girls/young women were apparently clothed because the female body required ‘more modesty’. I wasn’t entirely sure if this could actually be true, so I did some research and found out that apparently yes! It might be true! Then again, it might not!



Are the photos above composites of the male & female swimming teams?







The photos don’t look photoshopped to create some CFNM fantasy. Despite this, one site examines the different press reports and suggests that, in many cases yes, the boys swam nude, girls clothed, but that there were gender segregated swim sessions.

I think we can say with some degree of certainty that males swam nude at the YMCA and in high schools, while females wore costumes. What I think is much less certain is that, despite photographic ‘evidence’ above, there were never any CFNM swim sessions. I would be delighted if any readers of SL Naturist could confirm or deny this CFNM scenario.


True or false?






16 thoughts on “Nude swimming at the ‘Y’

  1. A friend of mine who is 11 years my senior told me he used to work at the Y in Halifax Nova Scotia back in the late sixties and it was boys and men only and they did in fact swim in the nude.

    • Nudist Joe says:

      The High Point, NC YMCA had boys and men nude swimming at least until 1955 when I graduated high school. I learned to swim nude in the 1940’s. The high school swim team I was on practiced nude also at the Y since the school did not have a pool. The pool area had open windows on one wall and in warm weather the windows were open and had several female observers during swim sessions. I have been grateful to the Y for teaching me to love skinny dipping

    • I belonged to the YMCA when young for about 10 yrs. and males swam nude. On test day your family could come and watch you take your swim test. There were mostly moms and sisters there. I had no problem being nude in front of them. Now that I think about it it would have been nice to have females clothed in the pool at the same time. I am now 70 yrs. old and do go to a family nudist resort.

  2. In Detroit, boys swam nude in public JR and High schools up to about 1960. Girls swam on different days in swimsuits. YMCA also had boys swim nude. In Milwaukee during 1970s, at Boys Club, boys swam nude. I experienced both.

    • The pictures of nude men with suited girls are all photoshopped. They come from a Russian site about swiming and in all of the original pictures the men have suits.
      There’s a pinterest site called vintage swim suits not cfnm where many of the original black and white pictures show the me in suits. Again, a lot of photoshopped pictures.

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  6. These and many other pictures like this are all photo shopped. CFNM swimming on pinterest has the originals and all the men are wearing suits.

  7. On a different social media I saw no less than 100 “topless” women all post mastectomy survivors,. some with both breasts removed, other with a solitary breast while others with part of their removed. Many of those with both breasts removed had tattoos instead. I admire all these women.

  8. Men and boys always swam in the nude in school and at the Y. It was required. No one thought anything about it. And the boys swim team photos would be totally nude in the yearbooks.

  9. Here’s hoping my last coment made the site.
    In 1973 and 1974, I went to the Pittsburgh School for the blind and we all went to the pool in our birthday suits and loved it.
    On thursday nights we had a co-ed swim, but for some weird reason we all had to ware artifical swimsuits and we couldn’t go in our birthday suits.
    It’s a huge shame that it’s illigal to be in public in the nude here in Erie County of the state of PEnnsylvania.
    We didn’t learn the word naked or nude until after we bit the apple.
    My one question to not to affend anyone, but from a man’s point of view, how not repeat not to get a hard on would be appreciated.

  10. I recently found a series of articles where individuals commented on nude swimming at the YMCA. Some discount the information and say it never happened. I can assure you that in many places it was the norm for years.

    We lived in Atlanta where I grew up in the 1950’s. Over the course of four summers, I took swim lessons twice weekly. My class met on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I went from beginners at age 12, to advanced/lifeguard at age 16. All the years I participated, males swam nude, trunks were not even allowed.

    Only males could join the YMCA, but females could pay for the swim lessons and use the pool for a set daily fee.

    The boys class started at 10:00 am and ended at 11:45. The girls class began at 12:00 noon. Usually, my mother would take me to class. Some parents would drop their kids off and pick up later, while some would sit in the bleachers and watch us while waiting. Although I was a little surprised at first, it became ok after the first day.

    Most times there would be 40-50 family members in the seating area. As time neared for the girl class to begin, it would double. The girls wore a one-piece gray suits. Most of them would assemble along the side or sit with their parents until we left the pool. The boys were naked in front of all, and everyone seemed to accept it as normal. We had four instructors and two were female.

    This continued until 1954 when I finished my last advanced class. I don’t know when the practice of nude swimming was discontinued there. We never really had a conversation about it. There were a few girls from my school there, but if we talked about the swim lessons no one ever mentioned nudity. Family, along with friends and even the public could come in to watch if they paid a small fee.

    Today, it seems surreal, but at the time everyone accepted it as normal in that particular setting.


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