Reclaiming identity, post mastectomy.

I’ve not posted over the past week or so, the reason being that I’ve been spending time in the naturist sims of Second Life, hanging out and making new friends. I’ve also been utilising free time to acquaint myself with some external websites related to naturism. You will have noticed that previously SL Naturist could apparently effortlessly make a post relating to real life naturism, about events happening around the globe, and Ella seemed to do that with such ease. I didn’t have that knowledge, so the past week has been spent gaining some knowledge relating to external sites and bookmarking them so that I, too, can bring you news of the real naturist/nudity related world.

The first one I’ve got is this one via Buzzfeed.

It seems entirely apt in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A young woman with breast cancer has had tattoos applied to cover the scars. To me, it’s a story of hope and defiance against a disease that affects so many.



Read the story. I’d also recommend you read her story in her own words at the xojane site.





One thought on “Reclaiming identity, post mastectomy.

  1. Once I saw, I do not know on which social media 100 pictures of post mastectomy survivors posing “topless” some with both breasts removed, others with a solitary breast while others with part of their breast/s removed. Most of those with both breasts removed

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