Vintage Season 2

Looking back over the old posts, it’s clear that ‘Vintage Season’ was a highly popular idea. As a result, Abi & I have decided to move forward with SL Naturist by repeating ‘vintage season’ for two reasons. (1) its previous popularity – it seems that readers loved the posts previously undertaken under that banner and (2) we’ve taken over SL Naturist at the end of the northern hemisphere’s naturist season, meaning there’s maybe not so much real world naturism going on that we can latch onto. By undertaking a Vintage Season, I believe we can offer several posts in which we can cover the real world and also try to replicate those events in Second Life (as has previously been the case in SL Naturist). Certainly, in determining a theme, we’ve both found it much easier to focus on the sort of posts we can publish while the naturist season winds down.













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