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There’s three things worth reporting in this post.

  1. The hoodie worn by three lovely ladies at the top of the page, photos 1-3, and then ‘solo by Abigail, photos 4-5 a free gift from Hawker’s House at the Swank event ongoing. There’s a male and female gift, and the hoodie is the male version!
  2. The female version is a mesh T-shirt and blazer, shown in the photos below, and modelled by myself, Trine.

trine blazer_001b

trine blazer2_001bAnd three is…just who is that person with the camera between Abigail and myself?  All will be revealed, literally & figuratively, in a subsequent post.

Before I became editor I would read SL Naturist for Pookes’ ‘naturist accessory’ posts in the main. I confess that a lot of my Second Life time was spent as a bit of a beach and dance floor girl, but Pookes always came up with imaginative accessory posts that could be applied even in a clothed environment, so my main knowledge of SL Naturist originated with her posts.

In keeping that theme going, I teleported to Swank for the female gift, as seen on another blog, the sadly soon to close Fab Free, to be precise, indication of such a vital resource that is for many avatars, one of those daily go-to blogs. The influence of Pookes, and SL Naturist, made itself apparent when I saw the male gift, the hoodie and thought ‘I know how I can apply that to the blog!’ Yes, while my naturist experience in real life doesn’t sometimes run as deep as the previous writers, I’ve had enough experience of an English naturist club to recognise that sometimes a Saturday or Sunday morning in my sun club doesn’t lend itself to full naturism first thing, so Abigail’s ‘hoodie and nothing else’ poses stuck a chord.

The location for all photos is Howie’s home on the Eden Naturopolis estate, something I now recognise as the backdrop to many previous SL Naturist shoots.

In a subsequent post I’ll be introducing the lovely lady between Abi & I in the top three photos with a bit of a photo-essay about and by the lady herself, along with a bit of an interview.


Vintage Season 2 : Naughty postcards



I suppose the early days of ‘pornography’, when photography was first invented, was the distribution and collection of ‘naughty postcards’. In the two above you can see a theme, that of a lady posed indoors, beside a cloth draped bit of furniture, fully nude.

tumblr_nwg3d8EtZD1tmflr9o1_500 tumblr_nwg3prYtKQ1tmflr9o1_500 tumblr_nwg3prYtKQ1tmflr9o2_500


sepia abbey_Fotor

I’ve used Photoshop to re-create a couple of Second Life images in a postcard setting (above).

Another noticeable thing about these postcards or pornography of that era is the way in which ‘Arab’ women are portrayed as wild, undressed, un-Christian ‘savages’. I’ve read that these weren’t actually ‘Arabs’ at all in many cases, but Parisian prostitutes who were paid to pose and give the impression they were from French colonies like Algeria or Morocco who ran around semi naked a lot of the time.











waliyah veil_001b

There is a plethora of Gorean and bellydance outfits that could be utilised to present the ‘uncivilised’, semi-nude woman as portrayed in historical postcards.

Another aspect of the pre-digital ‘porn’ age would have been ‘beefcake‘ photos, muscular men, often but not always intended for a gay market. I’ll turn my attention to ‘beefcake’ next as Vintage Season 2 continues.




SL Naturist on Tumblr



With Flickr determining to deny us the right to categorise photos as we see fit, and our withdrawal from that service, I’ve moved to establish a different photo outlet for further SLN photos, and to that end I’ve established an SLN tumblr page where photos that don’t make the main blog can be displayed. I’ve uploaded just a couple of photos there so far,to get it going, and I won’t transfer the Flickr stuff unless anyone is desperate. I’ll now hand it over to Trine & Abi to use as they see fit.

Trine has commented that she’s witnessed erections, marked safe and vegetable insertion, marked ‘safe’. I know I’ve also seen photos of penetrative sex on there, so how our pixel naturism has been categorised as it has baffles and irritates me, but I’m not going to get into a ‘we’re right and you’re wrong, you can’t win’ argument with someone at Flickr. It’s best just to leave it well alone.

If tumblr is what you do, please feel free to bookmark the page via the link.







abi cape juniper_001bc_Fotor

abi autumn trace too_001bc

abi falling leaves sim3_001bc

abi falling leaves sim4_001b

abi falling leaves sim_001b


I’m not overly enamoured with Hallowe’en. I do love autumn, though, so I’ve been out and about in Second Life, in some autumnal sims. I think the colours of autumn lend themselves particularly well to bare skin.

If you’d like to replicate the scenes above and try to create your own autumnal portrait may I suggest you pop along to Falling Leaves, The Trace Too and Cape Juniper and have a look.