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With Flickr determining to deny us the right to categorise photos as we see fit, and our withdrawal from that service, I’ve moved to establish a different photo outlet for further SLN photos, and to that end I’ve established an SLN tumblr page where photos that don’t make the main blog can be displayed. I’ve uploaded just a couple of photos there so far,to get it going, and I won’t transfer the Flickr stuff unless anyone is desperate. I’ll now hand it over to Trine & Abi to use as they see fit.

Trine has commented that she’s witnessed erections, marked safe and vegetable insertion, marked ‘safe’. I know I’ve also seen photos of penetrative sex on there, so how our pixel naturism has been categorised as it has baffles and irritates me, but I’m not going to get into a ‘we’re right and you’re wrong, you can’t win’ argument with someone at Flickr. It’s best just to leave it well alone.

If tumblr is what you do, please feel free to bookmark the page via the link.






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