Older naturists

The previous editorial team had Barbara blogging occasionally about older naturists and trying to apply an ‘older avatar’ to a Second Life setting. We often are drawn into this idea that naturism can only be for the young, the slim and the beautiful when nothing could be further from the truth.










While doing my whistle stop tour of Second Life’s naturist sims I’ve noticed that more male avatars are now wearing older looking skins and they look terrific and individual for doing so. More of this, please, gents.

Sadly, I’ve not yet noticed many women adopting older looking skins. If I do, I’ll be grabbing her for interview and photo session.

Is this a reflection on the demands for women to look younger and more beautiful in real life?

Does this impact on how we women like to portray ourselves in Second Life?

My own real life experience of older naturists is that they often exude a confidence and beauty, regardless of size, shape or age, that younger ones don’t. Naturism is for everyone. It’s open and free. If you find yourself criticising naturists for being on the bigger size, or ‘old’ or ‘not very well hung’ or ‘saggy bombed’ remember that we all hope to reach their age. They wear their age and size confidently and with pride. If you’re criticising others on the basis of looks or shape, you clearly don’t understand naturism very well.




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