Kustom 9

Kustom 9 is on as usual, and it’s an event that was part of my regular Second Life calendar long before I got this gig.

At the moment, you can pick up a pose called ‘Got your back’ from the Luxe stall, (L$9) although we’ve reinvented this as ‘Oiling his back’ for SL Naturist purposes.

oiling him (got your back) pose_001b


There’s a lot of other gifts available at the event. Strictly speaking L$9 isn’t a ‘gift’, but it might as well be. Nothing else this month struck me as being something that could be utilised in a naturist setting but you’ll find a range of different clothes, tattoos and other ‘gifts’ over at Kustom 9 all that the low, low price of L$9.



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