LAQ skins

No sooner had I had a little moan about older lady avatars being impossible to find than our roving photographer returned from LAQ sporting a new skin, a L$0 group gift, but also some demos of face tattoos to age the face.

hillevi face tattoo 50 aged_001b

hillevi face tattoo 70 aged_001b

hillevi face tattoo 100 aged_001b

From top to bottom there’s 50, 75 and 100% ageing. There’s also a 25% ageing which didn’t, to our eyes, make an enormous difference to the model’s face.  All of the above are in the ‘Hillevi’ range.

Below is a skin called ‘Gun’, and this one has got me really excited!

laq gun_001b

This looks like a tremendously successful ‘foxy yet fit forty or fifty’ something about it.

The Gun skin is relatively expensive at L$990 but I’m seriously, seriously tempted.


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