Shame on you!



I saw this on a site purporting to be ‘naturist’ and felt it was very disrespectful. The couple in the photo are probably over 70, in love and have enough life about them to be confidently naturist. Naturism isn’t just about being young. In fact we all probably hope to live to that couple’s age and have enough health and vitality about us to be enjoying naturism.

Bloggers and websites need to grasp this. It’s offensive that they should be posting drivel like this on a naturist site. They should know better. Shame on them!



Vivaldi & Autumn

While the Second Life blogs continue to be awash with Hallowe’en stuff, I’m a bit ‘meh!’ about the holiday, particularly in a Second Life context as it often seems that it’s a case of ‘any outfit you like, in any colour that’s orange and black’. I am underwhelmed.

What I do like about Second Life at this time of year is when sim builders cast their sims in autumnal colours. I’m lucky enough to live quite close to the sea, accessible through a lane through a sizeable wood, so there’s the chance to indulge in a lovely walk at any time of year, but particularly in autumn, to then walk a beach. I took the dog for a walk yesterday and that’s precisely what I did, tramping through dry, crunchy leaves to emerge onto a beach only populated by other dog walkers.

trine vivaldi8_001b


Just like the Second Life photo (above) I took off my boots and socks to paddle in the water (yes, it was cold 🙂 ) and made the error of not bringing a towel with me. The dog usually gets towelled off when I get him home. So it was a rather damp-socked walk back home. Nevertheless it was a wonderful walk, the chance to clear my head of the previous week’s rubbish and simply enjoy nature. It’s no less enjoyable to experience nature in Second Life, as these photos from the Vivaldi sim demonstrate.

trine vivaldi3_001b

Fungi growing on a fallen tree at the Vivaldi sim

trine vivaldi5_001b

trine vivaldi4_001b

I’m pretty sure the Vivaldi sim is seasonally divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter. A review of it on Bitacora Viajera blog would suggest it is (and is where I learned of its existence). I don’t know, as I simply headed off in the direction of the autumnal colours.

trine vivaldi 12_001

trine vivaldi 13_001

trine vivaldi 14_001

trine vivaldi 15_001

trine vivaldi 16_001

trine vivaldi 17_001b

trine vivaldi 18_001b

The Vivaldi sim isn’t ‘naturist’ as such. Of course, there were no signs up that said it wasn’t naturist 😉

Of course I stripped and have slipped in a couple of naturist photos, as the nude in nature seems ‘right’ to me, but I don’t labour the point on sims where the owners might not like naked avatars wandering over their land. Which brings me to what I’m seeing as a ‘hot topic’ for SL Naturist, that of ‘nude access’ and general attitudes to nudity within Second Life itself and its associated network of blogs. That’s a topic I hope to cover in due course.