Autumn Leaves

While I’ve expressed the idea that I’m a bit non-plussed by Hallowe’en, I’m much more enthusiastic about autumn. When I was at school my friends and I had to walk home through a local park, and at this time of year the groundsmen would have swept piles of leaves together to be removed. Of course we’d come along, throw them at each other, kick our way through piles of leaves and create mayhem. It wasn’t us being bad. It was more that it seemed like a fun thing to do, to have fights with leaves. I feel bad about it now. All those guys who’d worked all day for us to undo their work in a few minutes.

Label Motion has a leaves pose out (Subscriber gift, L$0)

You can tell from my expression that I’m fully aware I’m being naughty 🙂

trine leaves_001b

trine leaves2_001b


Kicking piles of leaves, even as an adult, is an enormous amount of fun.



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