Goodbye, Fab Free HQ

trine fab free oct 31_001b

trine fab free oct 31e_001b

trine fab free oct 31f_001b


Tonight, Fab Free HQ closes its doors, and with it a chapter in the history of Second Life.

I don’t know about you, but it has played a vital, integral, important role in my own Second Life and it will be sadly missed. The gifts, the cart sales, the friends made there, the assistance offered in my early Second Days.

I’ve never gone nude there before out of respect to their ‘no naughty bits’ policy but tonight…why not? Why not capture a few memories, and capture them in a style that reflected our values at SL Naturist.

Thanks, everyone involved at Fab Free, for all you’ve done for all of us over years. You will be missed by the Second Life community in general. ‘The Wash’ was one of the go-to places on a regular basis, the Fab Free blog (which thankfully continues) a daily go-to place.

Fab Free is Dead, Long Live Fab Free.



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