We’re moving south for the winter

Looking back over SL Naturist’s archives it’s clear there’s a Eurocentric dimension to the blog. That’s understandable, as the writers have been European, experiencing European naturism.

As the northern hemisphere’s summer and mild autumn slips slowly away, I though we might winter down south.

That means I intend to explore some southern hemisphere real life naturist locations over our northern winter months, and perhaps try to reflect the southern hemisphere’s approaching naturist season. It’s spring time down there right now, so hopefully there will be plenty to report.

And yes, we’re going to reflect that in our Second Lives. On the run up to Christmas, look out for us donning Santa hats but out on a Second Life naturist beach with a turkey dinner. You can sort of guess where this is going.

To that end I’ve secured the services of two avatars hoping to provide some insight into the southern hemisphere’s approach to naturism. The first is Natalia, a Brazilian avi, who I think we’re agreed will report from there (she speaks no English, I speak no Portuguese, so the posts may need to be edited to read properly in English. Our in-world conversations are conducted wither using a Second Life translator add-on, which is imperfect, or Google Translate, also imperfect). The second person going to help me out here is Charlene, an Australian living in the UK (so we’re on the same time zone) but who had experience and knowledge of some of Australia’s naturist locations prior to her decamping to live and work in London.

Hopefully, between them, they’ll be able to also report on Peru, Argentina, New Zealand and so on.


Sandy Bay, Australia

Praia do Pinho (347)

Tambaba, Brazil