Autumn outfits for naturist ladies

This post isn’t naturist, but I thought it worth blogging some autumnal outfits that look gorgeous, and are a bit unique, to my way of thinking, compared to many Second Life outfits. We often dress up in outfits that aren’t always true to our real life selves, but this trio are definitely very much from a real life wardrobe and look fabulous for it. I was minded to show some clothes just as reminder that the naturist season has now well and truly disappeared. It’s wet and windy where I am, and not much chance to roll out of bed and into the kitchen this morning wearing my birthday suit. It was necessary to get dressed! And so, a reminder that naturists do have to dress sometimes in this trio of outfits.


Outfit from FA Creations (L$0)


Outfit from Ever an Angel (L$0)



Full length dress from Sabbia (L$0)

There’s no top to accompany the Sabbia skirt so it’s a little bit SL Naturist. All three are free right now and look great. That’s probably going to be the extent of out ‘autumn outfits for naturists whose season has disappeared with the equinox’ coverage, and it’s normal service being resumed in the next post.


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