Posemakers wanted!

Does anyone out there make poses? I’d be delighted if there are, and they might get in touch, as I’d like to obtain a pose and will commission a pose along the following lines…





106 (2)


Arms up or outstretched, and with their bikinis in their hands (or a pair of swimming trunks as a male equivalent). Maybe a HUD to change the swimwear’s colour? If you make poses, know anyone who does, or can recommend a pose-maker who takes commissions, please let me know.

I have been able to locate both a bra and panties on the floor on the Marketplace (L$50 each), but if anyone could make these as swimsuits, I’d also be obliged.

bra panties beach_001b


The reason why I ask is because the photos above are something of a little bit of a naturist theme. You get nervous first timers who arrive on the beach (and the sun club I belong to also permits first-timers to wear a swimsuit for a while so that nervous newbies can find their comfort levels) who eventually lose the swimwear and photos do get taken in a triumphant debut. It would be nice to replicate that in Second Life if I can find a willing pose-maker to do one for me.




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