Some bits and bobs…

Let us get back to Second Life after a week of being news junkies here in Europe.

I got a heads up about a new-to-me male orientated store called Irocu. They have some super hairstyles there, some also highly suitable for females, as model Valerie demonstrates (below).

After that Val zoomed off to EFM (Ever for Men, the mens’ department of Ever an Angel), where she picked up the mens pyjamas she’s also wearing (L$0, no group fee)

val irocu hair and pjs_001b

Over at Ever an angel itself is a female set of pyjamas (L$0 group gift, but L$100 group join fee), pictured below. I know this is a naturist blog, and there are well documented reasons why sleeping nude is healthier for you, but we’re in the middle of a cold snap in the UK and, hey, naturists aren’t stupid. If it’s cold, we cover up! 🙂 Friday night was the first time I’ve worn anything in bed since the spring.

ever an angel female pjs_001b

A couple of Iron’s hairstyles are pictured below, and I think they look fresh and new, a bit ‘wild’, which I like about them.

irocu hair_001b


Finally, with Christmas approaching, we’re starting to think about decorating SL Naturist Central, and Aphrodite has a free (L$0) drinks trolley that can get your party started with a bang!

drinks trolley_001b


While our naturist summer is now just a distant memory, I hope that next week we’ll be continuing our ‘southern hemisphere’ tour with some naturist potential.




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