King Ca-nude

Here in Merrie Olde Englande, we learn about British history when we’re in primary (elementary) school. William the Conqueror and his forces killing King Harold with an arrow in the eye, Henry VIII and his six wives, King Alfred (burning his cakes) and one of the kings who preceded Harold, William and the Norman Invasion, and also of King Canute, more properly King Cnut.

Canute, who also ruled Denmark & Norway, is usually attributed as a king gone mad, sitting in his throne at the sea, convinced his royalty gave him supernatural powers and he could turn back the tides. Apparently this is untrue, and it’s accepted that he did have his throne set on a beach in order to prove to others that he didn’t have any super powers, and was a mere mortal as with the rest of us.



Here we have our own King Canute of SL, more properly King Canude, crown on his head, ‘throne’ by the water, attempting to turn back the SL tides.




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