Sorry to poke into the normal order of SLN, but I was interested and excited to read a post on the Valkyrie Kiss blog page. Apart from being SL players, they’re also musicians and have a record out, available on iTunes, amazon and the usual musical outlets.

Why does it interest me?

Prior to setting up SLN, and being someone who creates his own music, I toyed with the idea of having some sort of crossover between SL and the real world, and establishing an in-world record label, or music blog page on which to promote the music made by SL’s players.


What I dreamed of, Valkyries have done. I’d urge you to visit their website or their bandcamp pages to hear their album, or their merchandising page to show how talented some of SL’s musical players are, and how they integrate their real world endeavours with Second Life.

Congratulations to everyone involved. I am thoroughly impressed by their crossing between SL & RL.


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