First snowfall!


First snowfall of the winter here in the north of England. It’s hardly deep and crisp and even, but it’s cold!!!!!!!! Rising to a real life challenge, I even stepped out into the light dusting we received this morning in my birthday suit 😉 and posed for photos for that special family album. We’ve got photos of myself and my significant other swimming, sunbathing, BBQ-ing, all manner of summer naturist activities in all manner of naturist locations, but not one in snow before today. Before you ask, my S.O also posed, and we also put the self-timer on to capture ourselves as a couple. Yes! It was really cold! No! I’m not posting them here! 🙂

But it got me to thinking about how Second Life is bedecked in its winter glory and maybe we should try to capture a sense of a naturist wonderland.

trine snow_001b

trine snow2_001b

trine snow3_001b

I teleported into Frisland, looking fabulous under a blanket of the white stuff, and grabbed a few snaps there to kick off a little pre-Christmas challenge to staff and readers alike. Send me or direct me to your naturist winter photos (if you use something like Tumblr, Flickr or Instagram) and I’ll post a gallery of them. I’ll add a few more myself, and hopefully we can publish a little gallery before the end of the weekend, and a bigger gallery next week.





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