Give me some space!



Before I became a naturist I had the usual body hang-ups about being naked. Once I’d tried it, those attitudes changed. I’ll get around to reporting ‘My nude debut’ in due course (as it’s something of an SL Naturist meme) but I came to the conclusion that people will embrace naturism if naturist facility exists. Be this a beach, a campsite, a hotel, a whole village, if the naturist facilities are there and even initially reluctant naturists such as myself conclude there’s nothing to be afraid of and throw caution to the wind. I feel we need more naturist spaces to encourage people to try out naturism for themselves. As the poster’s slogan says ‘if we provide the opportunity, people will take the opportunity’.

So please, more clothing optional beaches. More naturist campsites. More naturist swim nights. More hotels, villages, woodland that adopt a naturist friendly attitude. Less politicians imposing their opposition on a peaceful, friendly, all-embracing lifestyle that harms no one.


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