Naked ice skating



There’s not a lot of photographs of naked ice skaters to be found on the internet, but I found a couple (above) to demonstrate how hardy some folk are.

Inspired by Trine’s post about Caitlin’s pose store earlier today, I teleported over to pick up ‘the freebies’ (I’m a sucker for freebies) and got distracted by two sets Trine didn’t mention.

winter poses_001b

‘Sliding’ and ‘The Clumsy Ice Skater’ (priced at L$65 and L$75 respectively) are the sets in question.

I then set off in search of skates. This isn’t a tough call, as doing an inworld search for ice rinks will find skates for free at most ice skating locations. I managed to get a nice mesh pair of skates at the first location I visited. I also tried a second place where there was, rather delightfully I thought, a free avatar add-on for cold breath.

cold breath2_001bc

A static photo doesn’t do it justice. It looks better when being used. Collect yours free at winter sim in question.

abi skating_001b

Abigail goes skating

Abigail goes skating, the caption says. Just as in my real life, I’ve no sense of ice-skate balance and I keep falling over, which is where these ‘Sliding’ and ‘Clumsy Ice Skater’ pose sets really do reflect my reality!

ice skater 1_001b

ice skater 2_001b

ice skater 3_001b

ice skater 4_001b

ice skater 5_001b

ice skater 6_001b

ice skater 7_001b

I blame the snowflakes getting in my eyes. Quite how I ever managed to get off the ice in one piece is remarkable.




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