Christmas Gifties

The grid is awash with gifts, treasure hunts, round-ups of group gifts under trees right now. I love this time of year in Second Life, as you can fill your boots with some delightful items. Few are ‘naturist’ in intent of course.

Seldom Blue has a free body stocking (which looks sexy) as a Christmas freebie right now, so I hopped into their design office to model it.

abi seldom blue2_001

abi seldom blue3_001

abi seldom blue4_001

abi seldom blue5_001

abi seldom blue6_001

I was then reminded that one of the free group gifts at Miss Canning is ‘censored’ patches.

abi seldom blue8_001

None of which is particularly ‘naturist’, although you may well like to grab both gifts.

I then settled for my favourite underwear… 😉

abi seldom blue_001

abi seldom blue7_001



Much better! 🙂

It may be that you’ve been thinking ‘SL Naturist hasn’t been very naturist recently, particularly within a Second Life context’. You’d be right. And we’d already be away ahead of you in this thinking. Trine and I decided, being new to blogging, that we would feel our way into our roles and go with what we knew…fashion, lingerie, hair, skins, shoes, and work our way into our blogging routines. We wanted to feel a little bit comfortable in the roles. After all, we were following a double act in Ella & Pookes who’d been at this for over three years. To imagine we had the knowledge to match that: we’d have been deluding ourselves.

You’ll have noticed, too, that in the main our blogging has been based around the weekend. Once again, that wasn’t really a reflection on our limitations as naturist writers and bloggers. We kept the blog ticking over at weekends, blogging ‘the familiar’, while any weekday Second Life time was more concentrated on just being in Second Life naturist locations as we built our knowledge base and ‘networked’. I’m glad to say that period of exploration is over for both of us, and you will see a more familiar feel to SL Naturist in the new year, with more Second Life naturism featured. I won’t promise that we won’t blog a few Xmas freebies this side of Christmas, but we’ll be back to reporting, in depth and at length, SL naturist venues and activities from St.Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day onward.


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