Feliz Navidad (from Canada)

Christmas movies. They can be cloying and mawkish (hello Disney and Pixar) or they can be affecting and, in the case of Walk off the Earth‘s Christmas movie, maybe just a little bit ‘arch’.

Who are Walk off the Earth? A Canadian band, and Canada has always done things a little differently. That’s why they’ve produced some unique talents like Neil Young and Joni  Mitchell, although their government has apologised for Justin Bieber. Walk off the Earth’s ‘gimmick’ is that the five of them assemble around a single guitar to produce a unique take on songs, such as Jose Feliciano’s ‘Feliz Navidad’ (see above). I’d never heard of them (Canada’s diamonds are usually buried in the mud and slime of their neighbour’s bigger budgeted dross) until I clicked on their video in my Facebook feed last week and was hooked, since when I’ve been watching their youtube videos and their lovely, gentle, doesn’t-overstay-its-welcome Christmas movie ‘It’s a wonderful mic’ (see link below).


Federation of Canadian Naturists


Bare Oaks Naturist Park


Wreck Beach, Vancouver

I don’t think SL Naturist has covered much in the way of Canadian naturism before, so I thought I would provide some links for people who may be interested in discovering more. In the New Year, as the snow and ice recede in Canada and its naturists begin to emerge from their underground shopping malls, I hope we can return there -virtually speaking- and provide some insight into Canadian naturism which will probably have it’s own quiet, unique, understated style of its own.


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