HISpose ‘Draped’ series.

HISpose is poses made for males, by a male, and they have a Marketplace presence.

I spotted a ‘draped towel’ pose set (L$100) and thought that it might just as readily be used by a female 😉

Here’s a screen capture of the photograph, as modelled by a male, on the Marketplace


Cute, eh ladies? 😉

It works just as well on a female 🙂 I had to adjust the towel in one pose to fit over my boobs, but it didn’t affect the hand hold too much.

trine hispose1_001b

trine hispose2_001b

trine hispose2b_001b

trine hispose3_001b

trine hispose4_001b


If you’re looking for a cute towel set that works for him or her, these come recommended for bath, shower or indeed (nude) beach use. They’re definitely poses that are going into the ‘Naturist Accessory’ folder.



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