J’ai teste pour vous

Naturisme TV is a wonderful website in which French naturists beaches and campsites are reviewed, guests and staff interviewed and any other nu activities reported upon. There’s a ‘magazine’ edition each month, and also a monthly feature called ‘J’ai teste pour vous’ (I tested for you) in which an individual naturist campsite is featured. Ella did a blog post on it in September last year, which I’ve only got to follow up on and have spent a couple of hours watching their monthly reports and whetting my appetite to get back to some of those places featured and which I have previously visited with my family. This month’s ‘testing’ comes from La Jenny in the Gironde region of France. La Jenny also has its own website.

In a sense, SL Naturist is similar in its ongoing ‘magazine’ format to Naturisme-TV’s monthly format, specifically for French naturism (how cool to have similar widely available internet magazines from other countries might it be?)

We don’t have a ‘J’ai teste pour vous’ type of format, though. I know Ella did some single-site online publications via Issuu.  and I’m going to develop this ‘library’ further in 2016, and do those publications with a single-site naturist sim explored and reviewed. There are already some Issuu publications relating to Eden Naturopolis, Lupe’s and Su Casa. Despite this, I’m planning to revisit them and review them through my eyes. I’d like to think we could produce a bi-monthly Issuu magazine in a ‘J’ai teste pour vous’ format.

sln presente

ai teste


I’m also hoping to explore naturist sims not previously shown in SL Naturist’s ‘Issuu’ series, so work begins on that during this week. I know where we’re headed, but it will remain secret for a while yet!




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