Winter Solstice

Tuesday, December 22nd represents the Winter Solstice. The shortest day, and from whence the nights turn and begin to get longer. It doesn’t necessarily feel like it with Christmas, New Year, winter frost, snow and spring showers all still ahead of us for months, but this feels to me like the furtherest we are from the naturist season.

Ella wrote about the winter solstice in Second Life in a previous post, and sadly that sim appears not to exist any more in order to do more photos (I couldn’t find any proper henges during a SL search anyway) so I’m re-using Ella’s photo from the previous post (which looks more like a summer dawn than a winter one).


Snow covers the plains surrounding Stonehenge in Wiltshire, southern England...Snow covers the plains surrounding Stonehenge in Wiltshire, southern England January 7, 2010.  REUTERS/Kieran Doherty  (BRITAIN - Tags: SOCIETY IMAGES OF THE DAY TRAVEL ENVIRONMENT)

Snow covers Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

It’s an important date for Druids because it represents the arrival of ‘a new sun’ to them.

Pookes covered the Summer Solstice in a posting from earlier this year, and managed to find some Druidic robes to wear in Second Life while covering the event, she too finding a henge in Second Life as recently as June.


While I’ve not been able to follow their Second Life experiences in proximity to henges, I will be able to look forward to following their Second (and First) Life experiences in proximity to naturism over the next year, and I look forward excitedly to covering what Second Life’s new naturist season offers. Because for us at SL Naturist, it begins on Wednesday! 🙂



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