The First Annual SL Naturist Polar Bare Swim





Around the globe, on New Year’s Day, there’s an enormous number of ‘Polar Bare’ swims that take place. Not all are nude swims. The majority would involve swimwear, perhaps even fancy dress, and they’re growing in popularity.

SL Naturist has written about them not once, or twice, but three times. And this is the fourth, but the first to fly under the ‘Polar Bare’ banner in an ‘official’ capacity.

To that end, we’re running the first annual SL Naturist Polar bare swim.

A sign warns people away from a polar bear holding area in near the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

While it will be theoretically held on New Year’s Eve, we recognise that many of you like time to set up photos and source locations. To that end, we’d encourage you to get snapping away between now and December 31st, and then post the photographs to us.

Three simple rules:

(a) participants must be nude

(b) participants must wear a Santa hat (they’re limitless around the grid right now) and

(c) your photograph must include snow at the shoreline. Not necessarily on the sand itself, but maybe on the dunes beyond. You’re defeating the purpose of a Polar Bare swim by taking a dip in the tepid waters of a Second Life sim fringed with palm trees!

We’ll be awarding a small prize to the photo that Abi & I judge to be the best, and we’ll announce a winner early in the new year (note: communal swim photos are preferred but not essential)



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