‘The girl with the amazing tattoos’

One thing that seemed to prick people’s interest recently was this photo from the ‘Housewarming’ post.



‘What fantastic tattoos’, wrote one correspondent. ‘Who is this angel?’ enquired another.

I confess that I didn’t see her when I was at Howie’s party, but it seems she has been an occasional SL Naturist model for a long time, featuring in a post last August that highlighted her tatts, and also in a planned series of articles that would highlight her SL pregnancy, managed via the Mama-Allpa hud (that series never was published as far as I can see from the archives). She’s called Doksie, and since the party she has treated herself to more ink and a radical new hairstyle.

‘I buy myself a real life Christmas present every year’, she told me. ‘Family and friends can mess up with their choice of jumper, bottle of wine, soaps. But you can get your own present exactly right. So I tend to treat myself to spending big in Second Life each Christmas too, a treat for myself. I don’t buy much throughout the year. I have a specific look I like and I exist on some Group Gifts and freebies. I then go mad at Christmas time, hahaha, and splash out on things. I’ve really gone for it this past week with a radical new hairstyle, extra piercings and a bunch of tattoos to the point where I’d parted with L$1000.’

Doksie is wearing (below)

a male hairstyle called Noah from Argrace (‘my current favourite hair store’) and a variety of tattoos from AU, Reckless and Indigo Ink. I forgot to ask where her range of body piercings are from, sorry.

doksie tatts1_001b

doksie tatts4_001b


It all makes for a stunning and radical look, doesn’t it? I particularly like the way Doksie has opted to use a male hairstyle to achieve her new look.









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