Christmas posting

I see that several SL bloggers are beginning to ‘sign off’ for the holidays now, with no more postings planned until Christmas has been and gone (New Year in some instances). It’s my expectation that SL Naturist will continue to blog throughout the Christmas period. Abigail and I don’t foresee either of us stepping back from blogging over the festive period and there may actually be a bit of a stepping-up of midweek blogging.

abi and trine scarves2_001b


As you’ll have gathered now, our ‘routine’ seems to be to largely research our posts and then blog at weekends, whereas Ella & Pookes seemed to have no set pattern and an almost daily posting routine. Abi finished work on Friday for 10 days, and I finish on Wednesday for a week, so I think both of us will endeavour to bring you the best in Second Life naturism over the Christmas period.




Danish police deem photographic exhibition ‘offensive’.

Just flicking through the pages of several of today’s UK newspapers, and I’ve noticed a story in which an exhibition, designed to stop body shaming, has been banned from a public square on the basis of a single complaint. The photographs feature nude women, captured in nature, and are the work of Danish photographer Mathilde Grafstroem. There’s a slideshow of her work at her blog, and her Twitter account also shows some of her work. They have been deemed ‘offensive’ by the police.







On the contrary, they’re not ‘offensive’. They’re empowering, and positive. Which in an increasingly negative world is what we expect from our cultural production. I’ve managed to get some of these ‘offensive’ photos from a Danish newspaper called Extrabladet.

This sort of attitude not only poisons cultural production, but attitudes to a positive body image and impacts on naturism too.







Black Eye Friday

Black Eye Friday? I’d never heard of it before, but it seems the last Friday before Christmas in the UK is fast becoming a rather unpleasant experience, marked with excessive drinking and the subsequent injuries, illness, assault and fights that go with it as offices hold parties, people get bonuses and there’s a headlong, lemming-like rush to ‘have a great time’. Because it’s Christmas. It all seems ludicrously feral to me, as photos via the link show.

What is appalling about it is that the media, and the population in general, sometimes have this idea that there is something wrong with naturism, that taking our clothes off is somehow sordid. Yet naturists conduct themselves with dignity and restraint. We can have a drink, we can have a good time, but we never become ridiculously and hideously obnoxious in our efforts to quietly pursue a wholesome lifestyle.














Revellers in St Mary Street, Cardiff during Black Eye Friday, as people across the country celebrate the start of the Christmas break by hitting bars, pubs and clubs. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday December 18, 2015. Photo credit should read: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

A woman is helped off the floor by a man in Newcastle as the night goes on and black eye Friday party goers start to get a little worse for wear. December 18 2015. See SWNS story SWPARTY.

Women dressed as Mrs Claus get into the party spirit on black eye Friday in Newcastle. December 18 2015. See SWNS story SWPARTY.







The photos above are a sad indictment of British drinking culture, and British culture in general. It’s shameful that people feel the need to behave in such a manner. Meanwhile, Santa hats and naturism can be put together in a refined, dignified, wholesome manner.







Xmas 74 (210)

Xmas 91 (230)










Christmas Gifties

The grid is awash with gifts, treasure hunts, round-ups of group gifts under trees right now. I love this time of year in Second Life, as you can fill your boots with some delightful items. Few are ‘naturist’ in intent of course.

Seldom Blue has a free body stocking (which looks sexy) as a Christmas freebie right now, so I hopped into their design office to model it.

abi seldom blue2_001

abi seldom blue3_001

abi seldom blue4_001

abi seldom blue5_001

abi seldom blue6_001

I was then reminded that one of the free group gifts at Miss Canning is ‘censored’ patches.

abi seldom blue8_001

None of which is particularly ‘naturist’, although you may well like to grab both gifts.

I then settled for my favourite underwear… 😉

abi seldom blue_001

abi seldom blue7_001



Much better! 🙂

It may be that you’ve been thinking ‘SL Naturist hasn’t been very naturist recently, particularly within a Second Life context’. You’d be right. And we’d already be away ahead of you in this thinking. Trine and I decided, being new to blogging, that we would feel our way into our roles and go with what we knew…fashion, lingerie, hair, skins, shoes, and work our way into our blogging routines. We wanted to feel a little bit comfortable in the roles. After all, we were following a double act in Ella & Pookes who’d been at this for over three years. To imagine we had the knowledge to match that: we’d have been deluding ourselves.

You’ll have noticed, too, that in the main our blogging has been based around the weekend. Once again, that wasn’t really a reflection on our limitations as naturist writers and bloggers. We kept the blog ticking over at weekends, blogging ‘the familiar’, while any weekday Second Life time was more concentrated on just being in Second Life naturist locations as we built our knowledge base and ‘networked’. I’m glad to say that period of exploration is over for both of us, and you will see a more familiar feel to SL Naturist in the new year, with more Second Life naturism featured. I won’t promise that we won’t blog a few Xmas freebies this side of Christmas, but we’ll be back to reporting, in depth and at length, SL naturist venues and activities from St.Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day onward.


‘It might get nude’

Ad_for _ItMightGetNude_1024


Lollygagger Lane Art gallery has an exhibition on right now, featuring a photo series by avatar Fanny Vermont. It, and her photographs on Flickr, are exceptional and we strongly recommend a visit to the exhibition itself (on until the 9th of January, 2016), or Fanny’s Flickr page.

We’re trying to make contact with Fanny right now, in the hope she can provide some background to the exhibition, as well as some further info about herself and her Second Life hopes and aspirations.




Yoga and the Google doodle


google2 google3

Anyone using Google today (at least, in the UK, I know the google doodle is sometimes themed by region) will have seen homage to BKS Iyengar, whose 97th birthday it is today. Who is he? Probably the greatest living ‘father of yoga’.

In parts of the world naked yoga is practiced and is growing in popularity in the west, although its practice has been known since Greek times in western society and the word ‘gymnosophy’ is linked to naked yoga masters.

Article Lead - wide997135771gho308image.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.gho2vv.png1434337408330.jpg-620x349

Young naked woman standing yoga pose on wooden pier --- Image by © Stefan Hauck/Corbis





Picture 1


Disappointingly, nude yoga as portrayed on the internet sometimes feels as if it has less to do with gymnosophy and more to do with gynaecology.

As a yoga practitioner myself who attends weekly (clothed) classes and who is very much a rank amateur at it, I have to say that it does provide a tremendous sense of well-being, and yes, I’ve practiced it nude at home.

There are many, many locations in Second Life where yoga may be practiced (some of them allowing nude yoga, such as Eden Naturopolis’ outdoor gym).

trine youg4_001b

I also took the opportunity to do some yoga at Brahma Yoga Meditation Ashram (although I’d warn that while I went nude, I can’t vouchsafe that it’s naturist friendly, so proceed with caution: I only go nude in places where there may be some doubt about it when no one else is around).

trine yoga1_001b


Note: I’ve set the LM to Eden directly at the yoga mats, so try not to land on someone when teleporting in 😉 I should also add that the ‘new hairstyle’ is an Xmas gift from Truth Hair for all group members – it comes complete with beret and a HUD to alter it to your colour of choice. I’ve set it to my usual deep red colour, which you may call ‘African Sunset’ or ‘Titian Red’.






Give me some space!



Before I became a naturist I had the usual body hang-ups about being naked. Once I’d tried it, those attitudes changed. I’ll get around to reporting ‘My nude debut’ in due course (as it’s something of an SL Naturist meme) but I came to the conclusion that people will embrace naturism if naturist facility exists. Be this a beach, a campsite, a hotel, a whole village, if the naturist facilities are there and even initially reluctant naturists such as myself conclude there’s nothing to be afraid of and throw caution to the wind. I feel we need more naturist spaces to encourage people to try out naturism for themselves. As the poster’s slogan says ‘if we provide the opportunity, people will take the opportunity’.

So please, more clothing optional beaches. More naturist campsites. More naturist swim nights. More hotels, villages, woodland that adopt a naturist friendly attitude. Less politicians imposing their opposition on a peaceful, friendly, all-embracing lifestyle that harms no one.


Christmas is coming

A note and a photo from Howie, as he gears up for his naturist Christmas party. Over at Hudson’s Clothing, there’s a bunch of free gifts under their tree.

In his role as Santa, doling our free food, drink and gifts to his Second Life friends, he needs a beard and a hat, and both came from under Hudson’s tree.

Of course, Santa needs a little helper, and to this end Howie has grabbed Polish avatar Barbara to en-act the role in a ‘Santa Baby’ outfit, also from Hudsons.

Group join in free (L$0) and all items worn by both Howie and Barbara were free too.

basia santa baby3_001b



Naked ice skating



There’s not a lot of photographs of naked ice skaters to be found on the internet, but I found a couple (above) to demonstrate how hardy some folk are.

Inspired by Trine’s post about Caitlin’s pose store earlier today, I teleported over to pick up ‘the freebies’ (I’m a sucker for freebies) and got distracted by two sets Trine didn’t mention.

winter poses_001b

‘Sliding’ and ‘The Clumsy Ice Skater’ (priced at L$65 and L$75 respectively) are the sets in question.

I then set off in search of skates. This isn’t a tough call, as doing an inworld search for ice rinks will find skates for free at most ice skating locations. I managed to get a nice mesh pair of skates at the first location I visited. I also tried a second place where there was, rather delightfully I thought, a free avatar add-on for cold breath.

cold breath2_001bc

A static photo doesn’t do it justice. It looks better when being used. Collect yours free at winter sim in question.

abi skating_001b

Abigail goes skating

Abigail goes skating, the caption says. Just as in my real life, I’ve no sense of ice-skate balance and I keep falling over, which is where these ‘Sliding’ and ‘Clumsy Ice Skater’ pose sets really do reflect my reality!

ice skater 1_001b

ice skater 2_001b

ice skater 3_001b

ice skater 4_001b

ice skater 5_001b

ice skater 6_001b

ice skater 7_001b

I blame the snowflakes getting in my eyes. Quite how I ever managed to get off the ice in one piece is remarkable.




Simply Nude

I was handed a bunch of links when I took over the role of SL Naturist editor, and as I’ve eased myself into the role I’ve felt more confident about visiting some of the sites listed without feeling that I was simply re-treading Ella and Pookes style, or lacked imagination of my own. It was important to me to indicate a Trine & Abigail style of blogging and up until now that’s what I’ve tried to do. But there are some excellent links in the list, and flicking through the back pages of SL Naturist it’s likely several bloggers were Ella & Pookes’ SL friends as well.

Today, I got around to visiting Caitlin Tobias’ blog page, Cait’s World, one of the links passed to me, and a great looking site it is too, as well as being a great read. The first post on the page referenced Cait’s own pose shop at the Basilique sim so I teleported over there to check it out for myself as we love poses on this blog.

trine simply nude poster_001b

One of the sets for sale (attractively priced at L$65 for three poses, each with a mirror pose) was called ‘Simply Nude’ and it was begging to be purchased for the title alone. 🙂

I’m not going to blog that set -yet- for reasons that will become clear. Also available (L$0) at Cait’s store is a ‘do it yourself profile’ pose.

trine diy profile set_001b

You can try out the effect against a backdrop (see photo above) for yourself. And under the Christmas tree is another free (L$0) pose called ‘Pleased to meet you’.

trine abi handshake_001b

Above you can see Abi and I testing it out, after which I used it a couple more times at a Second Life Christmas/housewarming party. Howie holds a ‘soiree’ every year for his SL Naturist friends, staff, models and anyone else who drops by. The reality is that this ‘soiree’ is held across several nights (and days) to accommodate people from around the globe who are logging in at different times. I met numerous people when I attended (yes, invitations and times are sent out as notecards) and the ‘pleased to meet you’ pose also got used having been introduced to Mark (see photo below).

trine mark handshake_001b


Which brings me back to the ‘Simply Nude’ pose set. I sat by the pool for a while and used the poses therein. However, Howie has taken a lot of photos from the party (and other attendees did too) and we’ll be publishing a lengthy ‘housewarming party’ posting next week, so look out for the ‘Simply Nude’ set displayed in that. In the meantime, I’d recommend you pop along to Cait’s store and check out the poses available.