Heroes of naturism : Stacia

The death this week of Motorhead’s Lemmy  dragged up a sense of….something…I  couldn’t define. But I thought there was nudity involved.

It transpired that I was right, that before Motorhead, Lemmy played with English space-rock band Hawkwind who had a dancer, Irish-born Stacia Blake.

And Stacia had a penchant (in keeping with a free-festival, free-love times) of dancing naked.

Latterly, Stacia was quoted as saying ‘(my dancing) is greatly influenced by my love of nature, in all its aspects. Landscapes, people, animals, sound and movement. All these things permeate my being. I allow them to become part of me. After a time of reflection, all these impressions culminate in the creation of inner landscapes which are then released to create the images you see in my work.’


DENMARK - JUNE 01: Photo of STACIA and HAWKWIND; Stacia, performing live onstage with Hawkwind - dancing, naked, body paint (Photo by Jorgen Angel/Redferns)

Stacia blake hawkind cape

Stacia blake hawkind public



Which is, if you think about it, very much a reflection of a naturist communion, with the landscape, people, animals, sound and movement. Attuned to her environment. A naturist’s catechism!

We have no idea if Stacia ever embraced or participated in the naturist movement, but her acceptance of her body, naked and free, should remind us that this is a naturist’s communion, and we should be grateful for her leading (in part) the way.


Stacia Blake, as she is now, living and working as an artist in the Irish midlands.

For her work with Hawkwind, and her dance interpretation of what their humanitarian, community-driven, space rock represents, she certainly deserves our award as a Hero of Naturism


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