Nearly Tactile Pubic Hair

Anyone who has ever bought one of Nearly Tactile’s ‘bushes’ will have been receiving an update recently. To my mind it was already the best pubic hair in Second Life anyway, but the upgrade manages to make it ever more flexible.

muff screencap


The first photo shows the HUD attached with a huge range of shades available within the ‘muff’, as it’s known, as well as a capacity to make it brighter, add glow, and a more comprehensive resizing menu, I think.




It’s ever so subtle. Our model has resized it between the top photo and the next two photos, where it has been trimmed down to make it more of a pubic patch, while remaining undeniably the work of Bation Nicely, who owns ‘Nearly Tactile‘.

Our model has then subtly shaded her bush between photos 2 & 3. This re-work of a very excellent product is an absolute triumph, and Bation is to be congratulated for this upgrade.

man muff_001b


There is also a V2 of the male version, the ‘man muff’ which offers the same flexibility as the female version. Excellent work!

I have to say that I think that pubic hair is making a slow return to fashion, and I was already writing an article about this (off the back of a conversation I had with another avatar) which now needs a little bit of a re-write because of the flexibility this Nearly Tactile upgrade offers!




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