A Naturist Accessory scarf

The Peace on Earth Hunt is still on, until January 9th. I spotted a scarf as part of an outfit on there that I thought would be a great ‘naturist accessory’. Why a scarf? You’re naked, hardly feeling the cold on a naturist beach. True, but if you go into the sea, you might wish to tie your hair up, and so a scarf such as this can readily form part of a naturist’s ensemble, on the basis that it will sometimes be used as a hair wrap, or sometimes draped loosely around the shoulders as a way to keep direct sunlight off what I (and others) find are our more delicate places in fierce sunlight, the neck and shoulders.

abi poe gift asbury scarf_001b

I’ve also photographed it with the free dress of which is a part. It’s a lovely dress in and of itself anyway, but for the purposes of myself and SL Naturist, it’s the scarf I’m drawn to for ‘accessory’ purposes on a naturist beach.

abi poe gift asbury scarf2_001b

You can find the POE free item (you’re looking for a globe of the world) at Ashbury until January 9th.




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