Brazil Part Four : nearing the end of our trip for now

Colina do Sol  is a naturist village in Brazil, with apparently around 50 people now permanently resident. It’s clear that, in thirty years or so, Brazil has moved from a position of absolute ‘zero’ in terms of naturism (although it may well have been practiced in secret during the harsh military government years) to being the pre-eminent south American location for naturists.

Natalia has promised to follow up with a posting on Colina do Sol, and a couple of other Brazilian naturist locations before we finally pack our bags and head back north for the northern hemisphere’s summer, so look out for those in SL Naturist in due course.



I have to say that, thanks to Natalia, we now have a much better knowledge of naturism in Brazil, and we’ve certainly kicked off our southern hemisphere tour proper in fine style, so we’re grateful to her for fulfilling  a role as ‘south American correspondent’. For now, though, leaving Natalia to undertake further research on our behalf, we’ll just give a quick mention to one of Brazil’s most notable naturists, Carina Moreschi, who was awarded our ‘Heroes of Naturism’ title by Pookes about a year ago.

We would also like to point you in the direction of an excellent website, Journal olho Nu, which is a comprehensive resource for all those interested in Brazilian naturism. Just re-reading Pookes’ February 2014 posting reminds me that there is also a superb sim, Amazon River, in SL, which is naturist friendly, and does its best (very successfully I should add) to recreate a sense of the rain forest in Second Life.

Ella covered it in July last year, but I’ve not been to it for a lengthy exploration yet, so our final look at Brazilian naturism is for Natalia and myself to pack a little overnight bag and head off to Amazon River for a look around before I return to the airport and jet off to our next stop(s), Australia and New Zealand (we’ll have those posts with you in a couple of weeks time) in the company of antipodean correspondent, Charlene.

Watch out for Natalia & my trip up the Amazon, which will be published later in the weekend.


Trine (with assistance from Natalia)




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