Lifeguards: A (naturist) beach accessory/necessity

Peripheral to core-naturism, but vital to the well being of beach users, textile or naturists, are people you may not always be aware of when on holiday: lifeguards.

Be it at a hotel swimming pool complex, or on the beach, they’re there or thereabouts, keeping us safe. The fact that you don’t always see them is maybe a good thing. It means that we’re all safe in the water.

I know that there are lifeguards at the naturist beach I use on holiday, they have their high chairs to observe, but their only ‘visibility’ as far as I’m concerned is that I check the flags on the beach, red, yellow, green, each day before I’d venture into the sea.





Even on the naturist beach, although they may well be naturists themselves, the lifeguards will always be dressed so that they can be identified easily by anyone who needs their assistance urgently.



Above, we see two avatars patrolling the shores of Su Casa in their lifeguards’ uniforms which are free (and include sunglasses, whistle, and buoy, in styles for him and her) at Island Swimwear.

As our tour of the southern hemisphere continues, we’ll be examining the role they also play in places like Australia as shark-watchers. Not such a big problem for us swimming off European beaches, but as we know shark attack can be a problem in places like Australia (and off the coast of America too).



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