SL Naturist’s very own puppy (An SL replicates RL posting)

One of the things you witness, if you’re up early enough in the morning on summer holidays, is that locals walk their dogs on the beach, be it in a textile or naturist location.

In France, in Spain and in Croatia, my usual naturist summer destinations, this is a fact of life.

On naturist beaches, the dog-walker may also be nude. It’s just part of the routine. Equally, as the sun is rising and a slight breeze may be blowing, it can feel just a little chilly on the beach, so the dog walker, male or female, has maybe thrown on a T shirt of some description. I’m often surprised how often that seems to be a ‘uniform’ of sorts, one of those loose, cool, linen shirts that form part of many people’s wardrobe for summer.

We’ve bought our very own puppy, a beagle called ‘Fang’ (because ‘Fang’ isn’t a very beagle-y name) and so I decided to walk him on the beach, replicating a familiar scene from holidays (naturist or textile).

You can see, day one, that a breeze was blowing, so I decided to wear a full shirt and trousers ensemble I bought on the Marketplace (L$250). Yes, it’s the mens version, because I wanted it specifically to have a billowy, loose look.

abi fang_001b

abi fang2_001b

Fang looks like a little rascal, doesn’t he? 🙂

By the second day’s walk, it felt warm enough just to throw on the shirt and dispense with the pants, reprising a familiar naturist beach morning.

abi fang3_001c


Fang came from Miki’s Pet Shop, and comes with his own kennel, food bowl, ball to play with and a little tree to have a pee against 🙂 The best L$450 ever spent in Second Life!


On morning three I felt more energetic, and decided to have a jog, another familiar look from the early morning beach, before it gets too hot to jog or run.


My male friend decided to accompany me, and so we adopted the familiar jogging outfits of naturist destinations. For a male, that comprises of trainers (and optional socks), whereas female joggers very often put on a sports bra to stop that painful boob bounce that occurs when jogging. Both of our outfits came from Plausible Body. The shoes are designed with female avatars in mind, so my companion’s trainers look a little on the small size, but there’s lots of trainers available for male avatars around the grid.


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