Deux Chevaux

The Citroen 2CV (shorthand for ‘deux chevaux’ or ‘two horse(power)’ is an iconic French car.

Citroen vehicles are, in some sense, a European naturist’s car of choice (although the VW camper van would run it close). Why? The 2CV is a fun car at a time when cars aren’t much fun. Well appointed, computerised, liable to expensively break down computerised sophistication. The 2CV harks back to a time when a coat hanger and some tape might fix most faults, if you know what I mean. That concept has been readily replicated in Cuba with old Buicks and Pontiacs being fixed up, fixed up and fixed up some more in the absence of spare parts.

The 2CV is no longer in production, but has an enthusiastic fan base, not least France’s 2CV naturist car club.



That’s right. There’s enough naturists in France with equal interest in 2CVs that they can combine their interests.




Citroen also appears to loom large in SL Naturist’s psyche, with us covering their H-van previously, and now the 2CV.



Given the apparent interest in the vehicle by naturists and photographers, maybe it’s not such a weird thing.


You can now own your own 2CV in Second Life. Paris Metro has an offer on right now, join their group (L$0) and grab a 2CV of your own! Several of us have already got our own fun, French, chic car with the intention of doing a larger post in the future featuring it and naturism, as the two seem to be joined together in some way.

Feel free to grab your own car and send us your 2CV/naturist photos!




Can you have too many shoes?/Nacktwandern

Can you have too many shoes? asks Fab Free, who are currently rounding up the free footwear in Second Life and pointing you in its direction.

No. You can’t. There’s always room for more shoes, hair, lingerie, skins and…naturist accessory.

I’ve been out and about Imelda Marcos-ing, courtesy of Fab Free’s ongoing mini-series of footwear offers, and picked out a few items that could be part of your beachwear.

Thanks to Fab Free’s link, I touched down at Gabriel where there’s a number of shoes they’ve blogged as free group gifts (L$0 join fee). And here’s where the fun begins!

I got shoes, certainly, and there’s several types for males & females alike, but they aren’t particularly ‘naturist’ orientated.

What I did get, and which does fit our ‘naturist accessory’ wardrobe, is their ‘bum bag‘ or ‘fanny pack‘, as it’s sometimes described. Ideal for loose change to buy the ice creams and keep your car keys in.

bum bag_001b

bum bag2_001b


I’ve also picked up some stout walking boots, from Oddity, which look great too. While intended for male avatars, they also look great on girls. What Fab Free didn’t blog, as they’re focusing on footwear, were some additional items that set me off down a particular naturist oriented theme : naked hiking.

The gloves and sunglasses (below) were part of the freebies at Oddity, as well as the boots, so I headed off to some SL mountains for a bit of naked hiking.

mountains boots_001b

Naked hiking, or Nacktwandern, is popular in central Europe, around the Alps, apparently. Perhaps not in the weather I’ve chosen to do it in! 🙂








Naked Hiking


While SL isn’t too well served by forest or mountains, I’ve made it my next project to see if we can assemble a small group of naked hikers in SL and embark on our own naked hike somewhere. I’ll get back to you on this in a day or two 🙂