There are an increasing number of beautifully photogenic sims (not naturist) emerging. I’m not sure, but it seems to me that ‘the recession’, the global downturn in the economy which hit all of us, and Second Life, a few years ago is beginning to recede, with people now feeling they have the disposable income to invest in SL.

I can only go by hearsay, as this recession pre-dates my SL time, I think, but it would appear that in talking to others there used to be greater diversity of sims, with many existing for the pure pleasure of their creator building them. There was no real emphasis on making money from them.

That continued right through ‘the recession’, but it was just there were less around apparently.

I’ve noticed lately that more and more sims with ‘no real purpose’ have begin to emerge and you’ll find many listed on the map page of SL.



I’ve blurred the ones listed, so no accusations of favouring a particular sim can be made!

We do try to provide a flavour of naturism in Second Life through photography, of course, without myself or Abi being particularly great photographers. While some of SL’s naturist sims look wonderful, endless photos of palm trees and sandy beaches can look the same after a while, so it’s often good for us to get out to other photogenic sims to do photos beside buildings or a different aspect of nature.

Of course, a rather odd mindset sometimes exists in respect of nudity. You would have imagined that a Second Life would have led to a radical rethink of social attitudes, but no. Many people bring their first life mindset into Second Life with them, and define their SL according too their RL attitudes and thinking without pausing for a bit of a rethink. So a fear of nudity, their gymnosophia, accompanies them into SL.

While I work on the basis that it’s their sim, and their rules apply, I also work on the basis that I’m not complying with their stupid rules, particularly if no one is around. It’s like the old Zen question, ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?’ If I’m naked on your sim and there’s no one around but me, have I broken your rules?

abi the keys sim_001b

abi the keys sim2_001b

A rocky shoreline! A rarity in SL, it puts a whole different spin on SL beach topography

abi the keys sim4_001b

Hills backing the shoreline, again, something rare in SL. I’m not climbing up, though. Those mountain goats look as if they’d defend their territory

Before I continue I’d like to say that the photos above were taken at The Keys sim. However, this is not to suggest that what I’ve said above -the rejection of nudity in some sims- is part of The Keys policy whatsoever. It’s an ‘adult’ designated sim, which means I always presume nudity is acceptable. I certainly didn’t witness any signs that outlawed it.

abi keys 7_001b

abi keys 8_001b



Thus I felt it was ‘fair game’ to do some nude photos, as well as more general photogenic shots of the sim, which looks wonderful. Moving forward, I expect this to be something of an SL Naturist theme for me at least, as I try to bring you images of photogenic sims with naturist potential.







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