The Masked Ball

We’re very much in favour of nudity normalised at SL Naturist. While that could mean naturist locations, it could just as easily mean the ‘Top Free equality’ demonstrations in New York, for example.

One thing that we’d love to see, and attend, is a masked ball in Second Life, of the type often associated with Venice (Italy). As it’s due to take place in real life, soon, there’s a challenge to some of the ballrooms of SL. Not just a masked ball in period, Renaissance costume but maybe a nude, masked ball. How fun it might be to waltz around a ballroom floor, nude save for a mask and ornate jewellery? How photogenic might such an event be? 🙂 heresheis13-610x610



The Fair Play fair is on right now, and it has a a mask of the type that might be worn at a masked ball (L$60) and a fur stole (L$70) amongst the numerous things on sale. Of course, these weren’t meant for use in a naturist or nude setting, but oh how well it looks, particularly when our model is framed in a SL Venetian backdrop!

mask 2 aynelle_001b

A search for ‘Venice Mask’ on the Marketplace also brings up over 300 items, in a variety of price ranges, from L$0 to over L$300, so we aren’t short of masks if someone organises that ball! 😉

venice aynelle_001b

The Venetian mask is also something of a regular prop in glamour or artistic nude photography (as apparent from the examples on this page).












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