War and Peace

Tolstoy’s epic novel ‘War and Peace’ is currently being shown on the BBC in an equally epic costume drama.

It stars actress Tuppence Middleton as Helene Kuragina, who uses her sexual attraction to move in Russian society. As a result, there’s a fair bit of stripping off, apparently. I’ve read the book, but wouldn’t be disposed to block off a period each Sunday evening to watch it unfold (although I might be tempted by it as a box set).

War and Peace BBC Episode 3 Pictured Tuppence Middleton plays Helene Kuragina in bed with Aneurin Barnard plays Boris Drubetskoy a young army officer Credit BBC Grabbed from Preview site for Christopher Hastings




This has prompted esteemed British actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, who starred in another BBC version of it, made in 1971, to be interviewed in respect of the new ‘sexed up version of Phoar! & Peace’ (you can tell it’s the Daily Mail who get all hot and bothered under the collar about a bit of nudity).

We felt it only right that we should try, in a small way, to re-enact the scenes above within SL.analiya1







Emily in the role of Helene Kuragina, and Jake in the role of another lover who will aid her rise through Russian society, with ballroom scenes taken at Wilanow Palace, and bathroom & ‘production’ shots taken at Bumrose Club on the Eden Estate







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