A week of feeling fabulously ill has kept me away from work, the computer and Second Life. I’m feeling less than great even now, but I decided I should drag a body that feels as if it has been kicked around for a week or so to the computer and post something, just to confirm I’m not dead!

The post isn’t remotely naturist in content, I’ll try and get us back on track tomorrow, but just a couple of things that immediately grabbed my attention in ‘notices’.

trine camiknickers2_001b

trine lingerie3_001b


The top photo features a camiknicker set that I saw at Petite Mort, priced at L$120. I love loose, flowing undies like this in RL, so why not SL?

Abi is doing a post on ‘fundamentals’, as she puts it. The basis of this is that, when she started in SL, many, many designers offered a wide range of undies, something that has curiously (to our minds) become much less visible in SL. As such, she’s doing a post on where to locate L$0 or L$1 underwear, a basic of every girl’s wardrobe. As chance would have it, I spotted the lingerie set in the bottom photo at Maai, as a free group gift (no join fee).

As I say, neither item has any ‘naturist’ relevance whatsoever, but they’re here to illustrate a post whose purpose is to let you know I haven’t died, I just feel as if I have. And with that, gentle reader, at 8pm on a Saturday night, I’m back off to bed, where I’ve spent the past week. 😦

More posts tomorrow if my illness recedes any further.



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