An ‘older avatar’ post

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that my avatar should reflect my real life age. Otherwise I do not feel I possess the avatar correctly.

One of the things that defines our avatar is hair. I could never wear the long black hair in a plait that I did when I was younger, even though it is a direct link to my younger me. No, as ladies get older they look better with shorter hair. I bought the hair I am wearing in picture 1 at the current round of Hairology, and I think this one from Cheveux, in their ‘silver’ pack, (L$250) is a very realistic soft cut that suits a lady of my age.

After that I went off to the Colour Me Project where I picked up many gifts, too many to show on what is not a clothes blog, quite the opposite, but again I buy clothes that will look suitable on an older avatar. The English have an expression, mutton dressed as lamb, which means an older person attempting to look young and failing. (I think this is the meaning, perhaps our native English speaking staff can correct me if I am in error) (No, you’re absolutely correct Silje: Trine)

A little black dress is always good, and I love the top half of the one I am wearing, another Colour Me Project gift. For me, maybe, the skirt a bit longer hahaha! Older knees are not always the most beautiful thing! 🙂 The necklace, too, is another Colour Me Project gift. Colour Me Project runs to the end of the month, so there’s plenty of time to get these free gifts, and still time to get them in time for St. Valentine’s Night in SL.

silje black dress_001b


I also teleported over to FLRN Design, where I was able to pick up a clutch bag (L$0) to match the dress -not photographed- and shoes as well in black, which don’t fit as I don’t use slink feet, but look fabulous and complete the outfit.

silje necklace_001b


There is even a free pose at Colour Me Project that is ‘bashful’, and I liked the conjunction of the confident naked body with just a little bit of shyness.

I’m currently working on a post about attitudes to nudity in and out of SL in older people, and I have been at some SL naturist sims to gauge opinions of people of my age. The post will look, at length, on how people’s attitudes change as they get older. I’ve been working on this, on and off, for some weeks now, and I can’t promise when it will appear in SL Naturist, but it has certainly been an interesting bit of research and I am finding that confidence in naked grows with age. I hope that you will like to read it when I eventually get it finished.



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