Pakistan condemns St Valentine’s Day

I’ve just been reading that Pakistan’s President has condemned Valentine’s Day. Ludicrous. Stupid.

“Valentine’s Day has no legal grounds, and secondly it is against our religion, therefore it was banned.” said an administrator for the Kohat region.

OK…(deep breath)…it’s a stupid, commercialised ‘celebration’ whose main purpose appears to be to separate people and their money with flowers, chocolates and other daft gifts. But it’s harmless and, quite possibly, something desperately needed in 2016. Our world is fractured and broken, so banning a celebration of love is the silliest thing I’ve heard so far this year. We need more love in our world, in our lives, not less.

My S.O. and I have a pact…no gifts, no cards, but we will go out on St.Valentine’s night for a meal and a bit of ‘me’ time (more accurately, ‘me & him’ time). It’s an excuse for a break from the routine, an excuse to spend a bit of time with each other, without distraction, and enjoy each other’s company and re-affirm what it is attracted us to one another.

Let’s look at that statement above. Valentine’s Day has no legal grounds. Neither, really, does Christmas, New Year, national holidays (even though they’ve been set in the past for political purposes). Shakespeare’s birthday has no legal grounds, but thousands celebrate it.

Pakistan celebrates Labour Day (May 1st), but does it have ‘legal’ grounds? It celebrates Muhammed Iqbal Day (November 9th, Iqbal being a philosopher and poet).

And here’s the irony…in some of Iqbal’s own quotes…

Nations are born in the hearts of poets, they prosper and die in the hands of politicians.

The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.

“From love’s plectrum arises
the song of the string of life
Love is the light of life
love is the fire of life” 

“Look at the evils of the world around you and protect yourself from them. Our teachers give all the wrong messages to our youth, since they take away the natural flare from the soul. Take it from me that all knowledge is useless until it is connected with your life, because the purpose of knowledge is nothing but to show you the splendors of yourself!” 

I despair of politicians. Do they really have no forward thought? Do they not know that whatever dumb proclamations they make can be countered by the words of others in a second (and in this instance, the words of a poet & philosopher they celebrate?

The Pakistani Minister of the Interior has promised ‘strict action’ for those caught celebrating the day.  It’s an insult to Islam. Oh, really????? The previous link also highlights that Malaysia is down on Valentine’s Day, as is Iran.

Hmmm….Iran, or more accurately Persia, is responsible for one of the greatest love stories of all time, Layla and Majnun.

Pakistan…sorry, your politicians (like ours) are idiots.



Share love. Show love. To loved ones. To strangers. To people of different faiths & nationalities.



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