South African naturism

I would like to offer my grateful thanks to Susan, who responded to the ‘Naturism in Africa’ posting.

Susan highlighted two blog sites, one about naturism in South Africa, and naturism from a Christian perspective.


It’s always heartening to know that real life naturists draw something from SL Naturist, and it’s equally heartening to know that people can find compatibility with naturism and their Christian faith (after all, I think I’m right in saying that Christians from Jesus to Pope John Paul did not find the naked form offensive).

Susan’s input has encouraged me to ‘commission’ (not strictly true, as I’ll be writing the posts!) some postings on how Christians, and other followers of the world’s religions, can find compatibility (or not) with their naturist lifestyle.

I’m not overly religious, but I do find myself drawn to the idea that God/Allah/Buddha find their greatest creations to be in the (naked) human form, and that nakedness is more -not less- a representation of the beauty of God on earth rather than something ‘sordid’.




(nb: I’m in the eye of a work ‘hurricane’ which is affecting my capacity to post, or edit others’ posts, except on a ‘weekend’ basis right now, so please bear with SL Naturist until this crazy period has passed and we can settle into a more regular posting pattern).





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