And the winner is….

With the Oscars taking place on Sunday night, I was going to give you my opinion on them, and Awards Ceremonies in general, but it appears Pookes had written that particular perspective three years ago, before I knew anything about SL Naturist thus saving me the bother.

It’s still possible to walk a red carpet in Second Life, just as a previous model appears to have done in Pookes’ post, at the Hollywood Ballroom sim.







Being SL Naturist, our nominees did, of course, have to arrive suitably unclad for a ceremony!  🙂

Which gave me an idea that we should actually do this. There are various awards ceremonies in SL, such as the AVI Choice Awards, a comprehensive awards ceremony that includes the show itself, broadcast on internet radio, with an after-party. Follow the link to get a feel of just how big and how complex the AVI Choice Awards are.

The First SL Naturist Awards will, therefore, take place in a few weeks time. SL Naturist has tried an awards ceremony of a sort before, with the Mr & Miss SL Naturist Awards a few years ago which weren’t overly successful, it would seem, as the idea was dropped. This, of course, was meant to reflect the fact that the real life naturist community still conducts ‘beauty pageants’ of a sort at some naturist locations (Cap D’Agde, Hedonism & Koversada all spring to mind). In our PC times, these aren’t entirely ‘politically correct’, but it’s good that naturists regard them for what they are, a bit of fun for holidaymakers, rather than ‘exploitation of women’ (naturism manages to avoid this sort of accusation by holding similar male contests, with precisely no one taking them at all seriously).














I’m not proposing a catwalk, nor participants to be promising to save the earth, end all wars and have kindness for all kittens. No, my Awards intend to be much more of a ‘rewarding SL’s naturist locations’ type. We all enjoy numerous SL naturist locations, and the hard work put in by some of the owners and builders isn’t, to my mind, sufficiently recognised.

As such we’ll be posting a few polls in the forthcoming weeks, and allowing you, the readers of SL Naturist, to make your vote count in the ceremony (and if we can get an SL builder to create us some small gold statuettes of naked people, actually be handing out some actual awards!)

I’ve come up with the following categories so far:

Best naturist sim.

Best nude friendly location (i.e a sim that is not specifically ‘naturist’ in intent).

Best host/hostess at a naturist sim.

Most photogenic naturist sim.

Best new naturist sim.

Best DJ at a naturist (or naturist friendly) sim.

Best photographer of nudes in SL (this could be one of your favourite Flickr SL photographers, for example). Note: sexually explicit photographs will be excluded. By all means the photographer may take photographs of this nature, but they must also demonstrate nude SL photography of a non-sexual nature.

If there’s any others you’d like to suggest, I’m open to suggestions.

I’m not proposing a whole ‘razzmatazz’ evening on the level of the Avi Choice awards, but I feel it’s time that we -the naturist community of SL- took steps to recognise the part played by those in the SL Naturist community and recognise their hard work.

To this end, I’ll be devoting most of my SL time to this single project in the coming weeks and drawing up a list of nominees and then running some polls that will allow you to vote accordingly for your favourite sim, host, DJ etc of choice.

If you’re a builder, please, I’d be delighted if you might take the opportunity to design a little statuette which we could award to the winners.





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