Classy/slutty/sexy/sordid? Cap D’Agde ‘style’.

It’s long established that SL Naturist doesn’t regard Cap D’Agde as a part of genuine naturism, it (largely) being a haven for all manner of libertines, voyeurs,exhibitionists and swingers. Hedonism might be another location where the same may be said to be true. That’s not to say there aren’t pockets of genuine naturism within its ‘city’ boundaries. It’s just that the media’s emphasis on certain aspects of Agde have given it a very sordid reputation, a far cry from its golden era as the pre-eminent naturist ‘city’ in the world.




0510600113 (1)


Golden era Agde

The photos above capture a sense of a wholesome, innocent naturism that dominated until the beginning of the 1990s, after which the resort began a rapid descent to sordid.





cap-116- (4)

cap-147- (3)

cap-170- (3)

cap-172- (6)

cap-172- (7)




cap-181- (1)

cap-180- (6)


cap-102- (5)

Apart from the aspects of it which taint naturism’s reputation as a wholesome lifestyle, and a reinforcement in the public’s imagination that naturism=sex (wrong!) there also appears to be something of an ‘Agde style’ (clothes-wise) as evidenced by the photos above.

To me, there is little attractive about any of the styles displayed. Mouton habillé en agneau in most of the photographic evidence. But all are genuine Agde photos, and not particularly attractive, nor a great advert for those who describe themselves as naturist.

Yet it’s a truism that naturists love to dress up to go out in the evenings, regardless of the location. It’s just that some naturists prefer to dress up with a little more class. That’s not to say outfits can’t be sexy or even partly revealing, but they do have sense of being a little more stylish.

I was over at Ghee earlier, and spotted the outfit photographed below. It caught my eye for two reasons. One, worn as a skirt alone, it reminded me of the type of elasticated top skirt (or culottes) worn by naturist women on a beach. Culottes have actually developed in recent years into something called a skort, a portmanteau word of skirt and short, worn as shorts (separate legs) but finished to give the impression of a skirt.

I own a couple of pair, and will throw them on for a walk to a naturist beach before going fully nude.

trine composite

When worn with the accompanying see-through top, it wavers between classy night wear and slutty. I’d never dream of going out in something like this (despite having been nude for all to see on a beach all day!) but I wouldn’t think twice about going out in such an outfit with a bra on underneath as in the photo below.

trine bllack bra_001b

I should quickly add I’d never wear a black bra under a white top in real life (something I’ve regarded as lacking class since I was at school), but for SL Naturist purposes I’ve popped on a black bra to highlight the beautiful diaphanous nature of the top. This is a beautiful outfit from Ghee, priced at L$199.

Which brings me to a recent topic that has come up at recent SL Naturist staff meetings. Where is all the nice, simple, beautifully done, free and dollarbie lingerie in SL? Abigail wanted to do a blog posting on the dearth of such items in SL right now, and we’ll probably get around to it at some point, but to our eyes, the grid is crying out for designers to get back to basics, particularly with freebies or group gifts, and begin to make simple, everyday lingerie more widely available.

I know there are some ‘naturist’ locations in SL where something of an ‘Agde dress code’ might exist. While it’s not something I remotely regard as core to SL Naturist’s being, that sort of ‘style’ is something I might look at featuring if enough people expressed an interest in it. As I say, it’s not my naturist style, but it is some people’s ‘naturist’ style. Let me know.


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