The Home and Garden Expo

The Home and Garden Expo is now on, and if you’ve got a SL home then it’s thoroughly recommended. Recommended, too, because naturists treat their own outdoor spaces an additional room, weather permitting. I know I do this in the context of my own home, and we tend to move outside in the summer months, to spend long evenings next to our chimera, barbecuing or simply sitting with a book while listening to the birdsong.

With that in mind, I’m glad to see that SL’s ‘headquarters’ on the Eden Naturopolis Estate (as separate from our office space), continues to develop in an outwardly direction, with the addition of a ‘cuddle pavilion’ and chimera, both got at the Home and Garden Expo, and ‘built’ (rezzed) courtesy of Howie.

What’s even better, I’m told, is that the cuddle pavilion came free, as a group gift, from Greymoon’s Homes (no join fee!) The link will transport you directly to their exhibit at the Home and Garden Expo.

The chimera, also from Greymoon’s Homes, was a L$50 Gacha capture at the same location. I’ve been over to the Expo myself and it is a huge, sprawling event, and I’d advise to set aside an hour or more of SL time to wander the full extent of it.







Cute poses, mmm? I may even try the pavilion out at some point in the future, as I noted that there were numerous single poses, for those of us without a significant SL other, as well as numerous sweet couples poses (as evidenced in the photos above, modelled by Georges & Frances).

Howie told me that it was the presence of the cuddle pavilion, and an outdoor extension to his home at Eden, that prevented him from tearing down his current home and remodelling from scratch (including another Greymoon house), and ‘reinventing’ SL Naturist headquarters. ‘It’s something that I’d like to do and offer something brand new in the context of SL naturism, and that’s create a naturist eco-village. I have contemplated ripping the house down and planting up vegetable plots, site a teepee on the land, open it up for everyone who uses Eden, much in the manner that Tess’s Naked Dreams stands as a complete and separate build to Eden itself, but within Eden. I may yet do this… if I can find how to create some sort of representation of sustainable living, complete with notecards on this alternative lifestyle, it might be something I do. As naturists, we’re attuned to our environment, and I’d like to create a space where our harmony with nature is brought to life in Second Life. I’d also be pleased if there were others out there who share that vision of alternative living, of growing fruit and vegetables, living simply and doing stuff like build a windmill, install solar panels as a demonstration sim for this type of living. I’d be grateful if you shared that ‘vision’ and asked anyone interested to get in touch’.

As you wish, Howie, consider it done! 🙂



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